Bamboo Beach has its own beach. The approximately 100 meters connecting the resort directly to the sea, has the left side sand beach where you can sunbathe and swim.

Depending on the seasons come and go more or less true. Our two boats are also here. The large banka to transport, beach hopping etc., and the little snorkling.

The Cottages are located on different levels, from Couple rooms to Family Cottage, and on to Sea view house at the top of the site.

The area between the Cottages is planted with a variety of plants and flowers. There are, of course, banana, mango, etc. but also orchids, chilies and other herbs (which we use in cooking).

We call it the garden of Eden

It is the most stunning scenes played out in front of Bamboo Beach. The mountains to the south, forming the dramatic clouds, and often thunder and rain, while at the Bamboo Beach sits in the sunshine and enjoying the scenery.

In the evening, when the sun begins the decline to the west, we have the most beautiful sunset in red color, almost like a abstract painting that are constantly changing.