Visit the Manguians
The Manguians are still living in the mountain, in the same way they did last century. Here we met some of them after they pick up roots, fruit and other things. Going back to there village. Now they dress up in clothes, they get from Philippino,but it is not long time ago they only used leaves to cover there body.

Puerto Galera “City”
Here is bussy. Many kind of busines are going one. Tricicles and Jeepnyes are moving around. Many peope and spec. kids …….

Jeepnyes going to Calapan are comming and going, and many are over loaded++

The old trees on the main road was also there when the americans stayed in the Philippines

Tamaroy Falls is 20 minuts from Puerto only. On the other side of the road there is a kind of pool full of the cold clead springwater, and you are wellcome to swimm.

Cockfight in Calapan
In Calapan, the main city of Mindoro, a cockfight is held every Sunday at 3 p.m. This is absolutely not suitable for those with a weak stomach. The trip takes you along the coast line hills of northern Mindoro, just 12 hours away from the resort. Upon arrival, the representatives will explain the cockfighting rules to you. This Filipino favorite is the nightmares of mothers and wives.