Sunset Cruises

This is our beautiful sight seeing tour around Puerto Galera Bay and it's untouchables. Usual departure time is around 4 a.m (Back Bamboo Beach Resort around 7 p.m.) Enjoy drinks and snacks whilst you relax with people from all over the world or play a game of volleyball on White Beach. This trip is the icebreaker! You will definitely fall in love with one of the most beautiful areas in Philippines. This is a must whilst you're here.

Cockfight in Calapan

In Calapan, the main city of Mindoro, a cockfight is held every Sunday at 3 p.m. This is absolutely not suitable for those with a weak stomach. The trip takes you along the coast line hills of northern Mindoro, just 12 hours away from the resort. Upon arrival, the representatives will explain the cockfighting rules to you. This Filipino favorite is the nightmares of mothers and wives.
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