In almost every bay with a beach that's at all useable, you'll find cottages for local and foreign tourists. To the east, resorts have sprung up at Sabang Beach, Small La Laguna Beach, and Big La Laguna Beach. To the south, they go as far as Tabinay Beach. To the west, Talipanan Beach development has almost reached its limit. Sabang is a more 'happening' place for visitor, especially after dark, and it might not be everybody's scene. It can get very hectic and loud at night around the discos and bars. Some restaurants have been built on sites close to the water and remaining beach is almost completely blocked by outrigger boats. A hill path takes you through a palm groove and over a grassy meadow to Escarceo Point, two km east of Sabang. There you can got to the top of the 14m high lighthouse where you can get a gorgeous view, especially at sunrise and sunset.
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