Welcome to Bamboo Beach Resort in Dalaruan, Puerto Galera 

If it is your first time you are in for a treat, the staff of Bamboo Beach Resort is dedicated to making your stay as enjoyable as possible. If you are looking for a peaceful place in Puerto Galera or anywhere in the Philippines, then we sure that this is the best place for you. The tranquility of natures and the ocean fresh air is absolutely different ambience to other resort in Puerto Galera and the whole island of Mindoro. “The Peaceful Place in Paradise” is only here, and it always be here.

We are sure that the beauty of Puerto Galera will fascinate you; it captivated us both of us so much that we opted to stay! The attraction is not just the island itself, with its amazing mountain range, virgin rain forests and white sandy beaches but also the 10 km of silent coral reefs just waiting to be explored. The perfect place of scuba diving in Philippines.

We always welcome your comments and suggestions and hope you will have a pleasant memories looking around our website.

When you wake up in the morning, take a walk in the garden of Eden, and get the feeling of “the whole thing is starting for a new great day”. You can see the mist on the leaves and the water drops on the many different flowers. Enjoy the sight of the Banana, Papaya, Buogumvilla, Orkids, are walk under the mango trees. After all this experience you can have you
r breakfast in the nippa beside the beach.

All the cottages are made in native style. Savalli walls and nippa roof. The windows has beautiful kapise pattern. The flooring is cool marble flooring. Here is no need for aircon.

Puerto Galera, one of the old settlements of the religious missionaries, was founded in 1574 as the original capital of Mindoro. Originally, the town was located at the Lagundian, now a “sitio”, choosen by the Spanish authorities as the provincial capital due to its excellent harbor and natural beauty. But due to its susceptibility to moro raids, the Spaniards were forced to transfer the town from Lagundian to the present sites, which named Puerto Galera. The town was popularly known as “Puerto Galera” (Port of the Galleons). Spanish galleons coming from Mexico and Spain used the presence of an excellent port or berthing place to take refuge during stormy weather before proceeding to Manila.